Setting a Holistic Ritual that will Change Your Life!

I would encourage you to sit down, clear your head, and read this newsletter wholeheartedly. Once you have read it, close your eyes and promise yourself to include at least one of the things mentioned below…

“Serving inner beauty affects the outer beauty in a way that it outshines everything else.”

When you fill your mind, spirit and body with low vibration foods, thoughts, and surroundings, you become a magnet for disease, negativity, and disharmony.

I will give you two scenarios, and I want you to picture yourself in both of them:

  1. You catch yourself doing negative self-talk multiple times a day, you never wake up feeling fresh, you lack confidence and motivation in life, you eat lots of low vibrational foods like processed foods, sugar, leftovers, and heavy meals. Stress is your best friend, bad bacteria has out-numbered the good bacteria in your gut, your body lacks antioxidants, vegetables, your life is all about conventional meat, dairy loaded with pharmaceuticals, hormones etc. Your skin looks extremely dull, eyes droopy, and you are tired of taking medications and following lengthy unintentional skincare routines which serve no purpose…

Now imagine this:

  1. You are filled with positive self-talk, you eat an abundance of nutritious foods. Each day you are grateful for raw foods, herbs, plants and nature. Your digestive system is powerful, you don’t compare your life with anyone else, you have a set of calming rituals that you follow everyday. You start your day with deep breaths and a glass of warm water. You use self-care products made with raw plants, herbs, your microbiome is healthy which reflects your mood, brain and overall health. Your eyes shine and your skin glows like a light bulb and you reflect so much POSITIVITY, and you have a very calm aura. 

I mean, if you have imagined yourself in both these scenarios you already have a taste of it in your mouth. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what genes you have, if you fill your mind, spirit and body with ‘low vibration’ you become a magnet for everything negative and it reflects on your face, it surrounds your energy. 

This is what I mean when I talk about beauty. Just by reading the two above opposite scenarios. One is light, abundant and truly reflects our vibrant health inside out, and the other is heavy, dark, in a place of lack, fogginess and trapped low vibration.

For those who want to bring more intention into their life, understand that true beauty is not trapped in a skincare product, new outfit, or that expensive piece of jewelry…It is filling life with high vibrational intentions, many habits, RITUALS that one must follow day after day, year after year, and make it a lifestyle choice. 

Where to start? What is the simplest way to form a RITUAL, and how to begin with it? 

RITUALS don’t have to be complicated. There are just four main objectives every ritual revolves around: 

  • Choosing to eat healthy food
  • Meditation
  • Prioritizing self-care
  • Learning to say NO
  1. Choose to not eat processed foods, packet foods, sugar, dairy, and junk. Eat clean, eat less, eat more vegetables, eat freshly made high vibrational meals, hydrate abundantly, consume more antioxidants, fix yourself an herbal tea once a day, be friends with herbs. 
  1. Start with at least 10 deep breaths every morning. Get out in the sunlight and take it all in. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe. At night, I personally love surrounding myself with crystals, put it under the pillow as I sleep. Crystals provide different energies and healing powers.
  1. Every morning prepare yourself for a Bathing Ritual. Warm shower, use potent Plant Oils and Salves to open blocked energies as you massage them onto your damp skin. Intentional touching can calm your skin and relax your mind. Massage gently, human touch is one of the biggest healers. Touch your skin with the intention to heal and support. Pure Plants and Herbs don’t only provide for our skin, they ground us, using them wisely for health benefits can bring so much joy and good health in our lives.  Mask once a week with our Vitamin C Face Mask…prepare this beautiful concoction of potent herbs with warm water or honey and leave it on skin for 30 mins. It will help detox your skin by supporting lymphatic health and increase blood circulation, which is so beneficial for new skin cells. Get into the routine of Gua Sha, it’s a wonderful ancient healing technique that works to encourage blood circulation and brings fresh oxygen to the surface of the skin. 
  1. Learning to say NO. Not just to others, but also to yourself. Yes, it is very important to be aware of where your mind is taking you…Are you indulging in negative self talk? Are you jealous of others? Do you loathe and compare yourself to others? All of these things fill life with low vibrations, which raises Stress and Inflammation that results in ALLl kinds of diseases and blocked energies. It reflects on the skin and outer body just as much as it creates in your mind. So, next time you catch yourself indulging too much into gossip, arguments and fights…take a step back and remind yourself that you are working on Raising your energies, and not lowering them. Every Step Counts 🙂 

These are the four basic things you can do to start your High Vibration Ritual. There are many more things you can keep adding to support the Mind, Body and Spirit for living a positive, healthy life. I promise you, once you start living your life mindfully, you will never look back..within a few months you will look and feel like a whole new person. 

In my next newsletter I will be sharing 5 simple ingredients to add into your routine to maximize your Gut-Skin Health. Meanwhile, do let me know how you feel about the rituals and do tag/share if you decide to take up on this ritual for better living. I will be happy to hear from you. 


1 thoughts on “Setting a Holistic Ritual that will Change Your Life!

  1. Harpreet says:

    Wow! How I wish every person around me talked this positive. It really hurts to see ur skin breakouts esp when there was a time when it used to clean n clear. PCOS did change a lot of things for me. I have a textured skin now, I cherish it though. And it’s somewhere because of you that I learned to love the skin iam in. Iam that desi girl who loves plants n natural things a lot. And iam glad to have found u who have some great knowledge abt nature n plants n so much more and that u share all of it on a social platform. It really helps. Thank you so much payal. ❤

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