Discover Our Ingredients:

YBP is committed to being as transparent as possible with our customers when it comes to the ingredients and formulation of our products. We will always be straight with you about the ingredients we use for creating the products you love.

We want to create products that deliver real benefits, while doing minimal harm to the environment. Our products are carefully assessed by independent experts so we know they’re safe, and here you can discover a little more about what goes into them:

Natural / Naturally-Derived / Synthetic

Our first and foremost aim is to use sustainably sourced, natural ingredients, and ingredients of natural origin wherever we can.

We try to use environmentally friendly synthetic ingredients too, when we need to use synthetics.

Natural: All of our Natural ingredients come from whole plants and minerals, through processes without any chemical modification. That means we haven’t deliberately changed them, or added any synthetic fillers to them.

100% Natural ingredients, like our Pure Argan from Morocco, and Pure Cacao Butter from Nicaragua, are sourced without any third party suppliers, and sourced directly from the main source, keeping the potency of each and every ingredient as a priority.

Naturally-Derived: This means ingredients that are derived from natural materials, but processed using some safe treatments, or mixed with some non-natural ingredients to make them suitable for use in the formulation, so they are safer and more functional. These ingredients must be biodegradable, and must come from sources that are abundant and sustainable.

A good example of Naturally-Derived Ingredients are Glycerin and Lauryl Glucoside:

Glycerine is a great humectant. It hydrates the outermost layer of the skin and improves skin barrier function. Glycerine is derived from plant and vegetable materials by synthesizing oil and water together and separating fatty acids. The final product is an odorless, sweet-tasting, syrup-like liquid.

Lauryl Glucoside is a gentle surfactant which is sustainably sourced from Coconut or Palm Kernel Oil. It helps with the proper cleansing process but without stripping away necessary moisture.

At YBP we only use Lauryl Glucoside that is derived from Coconut.


We use each ingredient for a good reason, so you get the best results with our products without hurting your delicate skin barrier. This is why we also use Lab-made, Lab-tested Synthetic ingredients that Natural ingredients simply cannot make up for. Like adding gentle preservatives such as Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerin, which is a liquid preservative that assists and extends the antimicrobial activity towards a range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and confers excellent fungicidal activity (anti-fungal) for the additional control of molds and yeasts. These kinds of preservatives are crucial for water-based products, to prevent any bacterial overgrowth in your products.

Another example of a synthetic ingredient that we use in some of our products is Lecigel. An excellent gelling agent that is stabilized over a wide range of pH. It provides a cool, soft and non-greasy feel on the skin. Lecigel is an elegant ingredient that is used by some award-winning brands to formulate luxurious, high end products that provide relief for sensitive skin, helps even out skin tone, and has positive effects on fine-lines and wrinkles.

How do we test our Ingredients?

All of our ingredients are always tested by the third-party experts who have a detailed understanding of different raw materials. Every ingredient goes through safety profile testing in order for us to skillfully formulate products that are effective, safe, and not harmful to the environment.

We undergo 3 main testing methods:

1. Studies / Technical Reports on the ingredients provided by the manufacturer.

2. Testing every ingredient for its safety and stability at our Laboratory by trained experts.

3. Final product sampling by real people, starting from ourselves, friends, family, and volunteers, before we release the product.