If you’re having trouble receiving communications from us, like Order Emails, Newsletters, and Reset Password Links, please try these steps:

1. First make sure to check any Spam / Promotion folders. It’s very common for emails to get stuck in these places.

2. To ensure you are receiving emails from us, please add the following email addresses to your Contacts in your email account:

If you’re still having trouble getting Password Reset links, even after trying the steps above:

Just send us a message at, and we can send you the reset link manually.

If you have signed up for the Newsletter, followed the steps above, and are still not receiving:

Please make sure you had confirmed your subscription. When you sign up, a confirmation email is sent to you, and you need to confirm your subscription in order to be added. If you are still having trouble, then you can send us a message at, and we’ll add you manually.

If you’re having trouble making payment online or redeeming points, please try these steps:

For Android (Chrome):

1. Go to Chrome Settings, scroll down to find “Privacy”.

2. In Privacy, you’ll find “Clear Browsing Data”.

3. Make sure the Time Range is set to “All time”, then select ALL the boxes, and tap “Clear Data”.

For iPhone:

1. Go to your phone Settings, find “Safari” and tap it.

2. Scroll down and find “Clear History and Website Data”, tap it.

3. Then tap on “Clear History and Data”.

Next step, please make sure you are picking the correct Payment Option. In CCavenue, for example, the “Credit Card” option comes first by default. So if you are using a Debit Card, please make sure to tap the “Debit Card” option before entering your information.

If you’re still having trouble making payment online, even after trying the steps above:

1. Try another payment method, we offer three: CCavenue, PayTM, and PayU.

2. Try a different Card.

3. Try ordering from a different device/browser.

4. You can always do manual payment as well to our Bank or PayTM account. Send a message to, and our team will assist you.