2021 Message From My Heart

Hello My Loves! 

We are finally over 2020, and with this combined positive energy and hopefulness for the future we welcome 2021 with a big smile and a small prayer in our hearts. 

Everyday at our work space we write each of your names on the notes that go into your packages. We have been following this ritual together for quite some time. It enables us to picture your face, be in the moment and realize how important this human connection is. We are so involved in every step of the process. Your love notes make us happy, your concerns never go unheard, and this connection with each one of you, no matter what part of the planet you are located, is one of the most beautiful things we get to do at YBP. 

To be entrusted with your care is my greatest honor. I’ve felt and received so much love from you all in the last year. It was the most difficult year, but it was also special to me as I delivered my baby boy. Thank you for showering us with all your blessings, beautiful messages, emails, and heart touching connections when I needed them the most. 

You are my chosen family, my community, my friends, and I’m so grateful. This year I will be sharing some of my personal favorite rituals, more plants and herbs, and more mind, body, soul connection with you all through my newsletters. I truly hope you enjoy reading them, and it brings positive changes into your lives. 

I will share a lot of nerdy stuff about the products we make, the ingredients we choose, the plants and herbs I resonate with so much. 

In my next email I will share a little something about the basics of rituals and how you can start with simple steps that will truly change your life. I will also be sharing coupon codes and special discounts for all of you who are subscribed to this newsletter. Make sure you watch out for it. 

With love and endless thank you, from my family to yours,

Payal Thaker – xo