Welcome! I’m Payal, the Creative Force, Plant Nerd, and the Soul of YBP SKIN.

To me, YBP SKIN is a deeply personal journey toward Authentic Holistic Skincare, and it’s a journey that has taken me far beyond what I could have ever imagined.

Ten years ago, while digging deep into the world of Botanicals, I discovered the need for Clean and Sustainable Skincare Solutions. Taking care of the skin is way beyond applying lotions and potions. It’s the time when you are entirely with yourself, giving yourself the most nurturing care.

This knowledge ignited a passion for understanding Skin’s Complexities and Nature’s Nurturing Secrets. “Clean Skincare” has lost its meaning in today’s time, and for me “Clean” really means being truthful and transparent about what we are putting in our products. For me “CLEAN” means, I’m using the Ingredients to make my products that I will use for myself, for my family, and I can tell you where they came from and how they were made. “CLEAN” stands as “TRANSPARENT” for me. I will be transparent about the products and each and every ingredient that goes into creating our beautiful products.

Out of this passion, YBP SKIN was born. More than a Skincare Line, it’s a Science-backed collection of Potent, Raw Ingredients as well as Clean, Non-toxic ingredients, each uniquely blended to cater to specific skin types. This philosophy, born and tested at YBP SKIN Lab, is the foundation of our entire product range.

YBP has bloomed from humble beginnings in our small space to a thriving practice rooted in my light-filled cozy Studio, where many of the Key Ingredients for your skincare products were handmade. Today, YBP stands Proud and Transformed from a cozy small operation to a Full-fledged Lab, catering to thousands of our customers nationwide. Reflecting on this journey, I feel a sense of awe at how this Extraordinary Dream has unfolded.

However, the reach of YBP extends beyond Skincare. It’s a Family Business standing tall on cherished values of me and my husband Satyen Thaker, who is quite an inspiration, and sees the world with his own unique perspective.

Satyen is a Musician, an Artist in every way possible, and he is also a Perfectionist. This means everything that you see with YBP SKIN, the little details and creativity, it flows through him, and I learn so much from him even after being married to him for over a Decade.

Satyen is not active on any social media platforms, but I have been nudging him to pen his thoughts and share them with our beloved community. If you get a chance to read his blog, do drop him a short message and encourage him to write more often:


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Working with sustainable small farms, a nurturing work environment, and the promotion of self-love is our top priority.

YBP is more than a brand – it’s an Ecosystem that nurtures and understands the power plants in our skincare, and values human connections.

As you navigate our website and explore our mindfully designed products, I hope you feel the Love and Passion that reflects in every aspect of our work. I am delighted to share this journey with you, to assist you in achieving Radiant, Glowing Skin, and to support you in embracing your Natural Beauty. Thank you for joining me on this journey and entrusting us with your skin!