5 Things To Keep That GUT Happy !

Thank You to all of the beautiful souls who opened my last two newsletters, read them, encouraged me to write more often, and connect with me through this medium…thank you for reading. I hope these newsletters inspire and stir up your own desire to carve out rituals of self-care.

My ideas of Self-Care are very simple: Radiance comes from the inside. Eat whole plant foods. Learn everything that Nature has to offer. Listen to your body. Practice self-awareness. Find people who are aligned with you on the same path.Trust and strengthen your intuition. Stay curious. Leave the planet better than how you found it.

Today I want to share five simple things that you can include to keep your stomach acid high. What is Stomach Acid? In layman’s terms, Stomach Acid is what makes digestion easy, fights all the diseases, and keeps overall balance in our stomach to make sure everything we eat and drink gets broken down. The Good gets absorbed and the Bad goes out properly through the waste channels. When the acid in the stomach is low, that’s when all the digestive dysfunction starts. Acid in our stomach makes sure the food is digested properly, prevents diseases, and kills harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites. When we have low stomach acid we are prone to diseases, fatigueness, skin infections, indigestion and inflammation.

So keeping check of stomach acid by eating foods that can flourish these good bacteria in our gut is the first most important step to look good from within:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar: One awesome thing you can do every day to help balance the pH in your stomach is to take apple cider vinegar shots before your meals. I prefer one tablespoon and dilute it with a glass of water before eating my meals. Apple cider vinegar is the cheapest remedy to increase Stomach Acid because if the acid in the stomach is low, it can create an environment in the body that will invite all kinds of diseases, indigestion, and accumulation of toxins. 
  1. Raw Honey: 1 tbsp of Raw Pure Local Honey, either mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar or by itself. Honey is extremely high with antimicrobial properties. Main function of honey here is to fight the SIBO symptoms aka — Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Low stomach acid over time = no defense against the bad bacteria in the gut, which leads to Slow metabolism, an environment for all the diseases, rise in infection, and the cycle continues…Good News! Honey can help naturally treat conditions like SIBO. Just take a teaspoon a day or a teaspoon twice a day.  It can help in healing the stomach and it’s also great for low stomach acid.
  1. Ginger Hot Tea Infusion: This one is my personal favorite because I can add honey in it, apple cider vinegar in it, so it gives me a 3-in-1 solution to fight low stomach acid, and works with balancing my gut inside out. Here’s one very interesting fact about Ginger that I learned during my herb course…Naturally found essential oil in ginger is called Zingiberene. This particularly works to protect the lining of the stomach. Ginger is beneficial for digestion and reducing indigestion. Basically, every human on earth should be consuming ginger daily in some or the other way. It’s one of the most efficient super herbs when it comes to keeping the gut healthy. 
  1. Eat your Beets!: Beets contain betaine which helps to protect the liver…Juicing beet roots along with the beets would help the digestion of fats. You can also consume them raw or fermented. Fermented beets are even better if you can pull out some recipe and ferment them. It’s like a double dose of Probiotics and healthy Antioxidants. 
  1. Probiotics: I have talked so much about Probiotics on my blog posts, which you can read here: YBP Blog. So if you want to learn about probiotics then check it out. But seriously, if you ask me to pick one supplement to take for the rest of my life, then I guess I will choose my probiotics. Curd, Fermented foods, Pickles and Probiotic Supplements are your best friends if you are someone who has a sensitive stomach, indigestion issues, candida, low stomach acid, and are prone to infections. Probiotics are a must especially in today’s time when most of the foods we eat are processed and not pure, which creates an environment for diseases in our gut. Clean up your gut, increase good bacteria, and fight the bad guys when you consume a good source of probiotics. 

There are plenty more herbs, fruits, and vegetables you can include in your diet to balance your stomach acid. These are my personal favorite 5 picks which I believe everyone can easily find and incorporate. At last remember that the more whole plants and herbs you include into your lifestyle, the more you’ll enjoy their benefits. 

Let me know if this was helpful, and if you are going to work on getting your gut in shape! 

Much love!

Payal xoxo

4 thoughts on “5 Things To Keep That GUT Happy !

  1. Dhvani says:

    Loved this newsletter! It is so informative for me especially since I face an acid reflux problem and need to keep my gut clean all the time. I face throat soreness and even a skin allergy called sclerosis due to this problem. I am already following point 1 to 3 but beets and probiotics was new for me! I am definitely going to look into this. Thanks again.

  2. Prachita Kukreja says:

    Have been waiting for newsletters on gut health since so long! Thank you so much for everything you do.
    I learn more about gut health and it’s relation to skin from you than I do from dermats or in my med school. Bless you, payal. ? Never stop educating us!

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