Skin takes time to HEAL and RECOVER, and there’s absolutely no magic cream or pill that can fix skin overnight.

To really help your skin heal, follow these GOLDEN GUIDELINES and see your skin recover from inside out.

1. Don’t fully rely on Antibiotics and Cosmetic Treatments to heal your skin. Both of these things have a time and place, but if your skin is breaking out into giant pimples, it’s time to get into deep cleansing on the inside. If you are taking antibiotics for a few weeks and suddenly see your skin concerns disappear, don’t get addicted to them. Antibiotics can create havoc on gut microbes when we are careless with them. They come with MAJOR consequences and unfortunately they are not “THE” permanent cure to skin problems.

2. Follow an ELIMINATION DIET. Do yourself a favor and get a Food Sensitivity Test done. I cannot tell you how much closer it will bring to your skin goals. Your personal food sensitivity chart will give you insights on what particular foods you are sensitive to. This helps most people. Diet plays an extremely important role in our skin’s well being and we must know that by now.

Food is where you want to start your journey at. Most people are sensitive to Dairy and Gluten, but there are many foods that you would have never imagined to be causing inflammation in your gut, but they are due to whatever reasons and you must Stop consuming them. So when you cut down on these foods, you will start seeing results within a few weeks.

3. Indulge yourself in a very nourishing skincare routine. Remember, just slapping treatment products on your face and chugging pills are not going to heal your skin if you are not mindful about them.

Cosmetics treatments are great once you have your persistent acne and other skin concerns in control. Then you can work on treating scars, hyperpigmentation and whatever you like.

Acne prone or not, you really need fewer skincare products in your routine, and allow your skin time to recover. Your acne, dermatitis, eczema didn’t flare up overnight, and so it will not heal overnight. Patience and consistency are your BEST FRIENDS!
Keep it simple. Remember, your health is first in your hands. Nobody knows your skin better than you. Always follow your gut! (pun intended) ?♥️


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