Finicky Skin? I have something IMPORTANT for You :D

My first product ever for Acne-prone, Large pores, congested and oily skin. 

You can never convince me that Acne can be “Cured” by topical products. NOPE! 
This is why YBP has never made products that claim, “ We can CURE your acne within 7 days”

I run away from brands that use the word CURE.

Skin is a direct mirror to your Gut.

Meaning whatever is showing up outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside.

What if I told you to drop your dermatologist and visit a Gastroenterologist to end all your skin issues? 

No offense to any dermatologists here. You are very important when it comes to temporarily treating minor and aggressive skin issues. BUT it’s not enough.

To “CURE”, you need to go to the Root Cause. 

Make an appointment to the nearest Gastroenterologist. Get your Liver and Gut checked. 

Get all food sensitivities tests done. It’s a very easy blood test. You will know all the food and ingredients you are sensitive to.

99.9% of people with acne and other skin issues have Gut Imbalance or Bacterial Overgrowth in their small intestine, which shows up on the skin in the form of Acne, Rosacea and other skin conditions.

Once you have eliminated all the foods you are sensitive to, and once you are already on the path to Gut Cleansing…I promise you will never go back to the 100 step routine of excessive burning and stripping the skin barrier routine in your quest to find a cure for acne. 

So how important is Skin Care then? 

Very Important! I wouldn’t be making skin care products if they didn’t make sense to me. If you know me, you would know I thrive on Passion and Curiosity.

Skincare for Me is:

– Protecting skin from external stressors
– Providing essential nutrients topically so skin is healthy and functional


Both are crucial objectives for maintaining skin’s long term health. Topically failing at these two steps can lead to: 

– Pre-Aging
– Pigmentations
– Dullness 
– Uneven Skin Tone and Hypersensitivity 

Meet our skin Barrier Repair Tonic!!!!! 

She is sleek, she is no-nonsense, she is here to help you without leaving any damage, and she will NOT CURE YOUR ACNE! 

Yup, She can help keep your skin decongested, she can reduce excess sebum production, she can gently exfoliate without stripping your skin’s natural barrier, she will reduce bacterial infections, and she will play a very important role in your skin healing journey.

She will be your skin’s best friend, who tells you the truth. NO LIES! 

Barrier Repair Tonic is an exfoliant toner to be used right after our Exfoliating Cleanser to control sebum production, for enlarged pores, and to prevent bacterial infections from spreading.

While you are keeping your gut and liver in check, make sure to add Barrier Repair Tonic into your skin care routine. 

It will help with: 

– Smoother Skin Texture
– Quicker Healing
– Reduced Blackheads and Oiliness
– Less Painful Acne 
– Clearer Pores 
– Prevention for Topical Inflammation 

Once you have included Barrier Repair Tonic to your routine, you will notice your skin is less sensitive, less reactive, and your pores are un-clogged. Serums and Salves will penetrate better, and you’ll see better results and change in your skin.

SO, this is as easy as it can get to keep skin happy from Inside and Out!

Love & Light

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