Things I bought recently, and will cherish so much!

Today I’m sharing some of the things I recently invested in/bought. I absolutely love them and wanted to share it with all of you…

All the great great gifts are so much sweeter when shared with other like-minded people. ♥️

THE HOARDING OF STUFFS! I have overcome this in these past years through conscious learning and understanding about consumerism.

So, obviously now I’m a happy owner of fewer things, and even happier when things I love are not just in a physical form:

1. Subscription to – WOW! I can’t tell you what a great investment this has been. For a very long time, I have been thinking of subscribing to ever since it was launched, but it never happened. Last month I went for it and it has been such an incredible gift that I have given to myself. The lessons, the teachers, the topics are simply phenomenal. I have learned so much from various classes, and implementing these things in my day to day life has been like a true awakening. There are limitless options of what you want to learn, what topics you want to explore, and you will simply learn in the best way from the most successful experts in their field, from around the world.

Here’s the link if you wanted to check it out:

2. Starting a Compost Bin: Definitely will give credit to MasterClass for encouraging me to start my own Compost. Imagine all the kitchen scraps we simply throw away everyday? Tea, vegetables, leaves, coffee grounds, fruits etc…Now imagine instead of simply throwing it away, we could create healthy soil from it? GOLD! All you have to do is, start a compost bin, make sure to only use organic discards of raw vegetables, fruits, leaves, tea, coffee grounds, etc. Fill in the container, make sure to balance it with dry and wet items equally, and that’s it! There you have your own beautiful compost which is full of nutrients, and when you use it to grow different plants and vegetables in your own garden, pots, or simply give it away to a nursery nearby or use it in any garden…it can be so impactful! Imagine if just 20% of the population created their own compost pile, how much fresh soil would we be able to generate? This got me so excited! I’m so involved in composting these days, I gather all my kitchen scraps and put it in my compost pile every evening. I’m literally like a kid in a candy store, but like composting garbage. There are certain things you must learn about composting and how to start your own compost bin. I will link to it below, and I will be so so so happy if you start your own compost pile and see all the waste turn into nutrient-dense soil. Let’s just call it – GOLD!


3. Growing simple herbs at home: simple herbs like mint, basil are so easy to grow. You can literally just leave a pot in your kitchen window and use it whenever needed. This way you are not only making an effort to consciously eat more herbs, but you are also growing your own organic food. Simple herbs don’t need too much maintenance. Just some sunlight, soil and water. They will thrive and make your kitchen smell delicious, plus you will have fresh herbs whenever you need them. I bought a bunch of different herbs, planted them in pots and raised wooden beds. Looks and smells divine…

4. Switched my bed to tempurpedic and bamboo sheets: For quite some time, we have been eyeing on upgrading our bed for more restful nights. After having a baby it felt like we needed this. Tempur-pedic mattresses were our first choice (you can also choose any other Orthopedic/Memory Foam mattresses available to you). I needed something that would help with pressure-relief. In fact, pressure relief is a hallmark of the Tempur-Pedic brand. Whether you are dealing with shoulder pain or aches at the lower back, all Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to alleviate tension at sensitive spots along the body. And these beds all feature cooling modifications to regulate temperatures throughout the structure. This was indeed a great investment and I couldn’t be happier. Some people buy an extremely expensive Chandelier to make their house look gorgeous, some people spend on mattresses so they can sleep better. You already know which kind I fit in. Totally worth it, I look forward to getting in bed and wrapping myself in my bamboo sheets and duvet. ☺️

5. Outfit from Aarjavee: This is for all of my fashion girls! Every year I’ll be buying a few good pieces of outfits from Small Indian designers who are doing an amazing job of crafting beautiful outfits and jewelry that stand out and make a difference. My beautiful friend Aarjavee recently launched her new collection, easy breezy outfits made with 100% kala cotton. The fabric and fit of the outfit simply took my breath away! I could wear this outfit all day everyday. The best part is, you can either Upstyle it or wear it on a daily basis. It works beautifully both ways. I bought this white one, I haven’t really had a chance to take pretty pictures in it, but man it looks rich! ?


These are some of the things I’m into lately. I get so much joy from these things and they make me feel good about investing in things I truly cherish!

I would love to hear about your recent special purchases, and if they truly bring you joy…pls share them with me!

Love & Light

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