YBP Skin Care, and what we stand for…

Written by Payal Thaker

If there was a Rom-Com written about the spectrum of skin care, I’d like my obsession with NATURAL SKINCARE to pop up somewhere. There’s so much that I’m here to change, to uncover, and to rectify. All the wrong perceptions created by our beauty industry in the name of goodness and chemicals are nothing but awful. 

For example, just because the tag says “Natural” doesn’t mean it’s really natural. Most brands will be hesitant to tell you clearly if they even know where their “Natural Ingredients” are coming from. 

What you eat is not what you can also put on your face. Culinary ingredients are mostly refined, deodorized, roasted, and processed to make them digestible, and they should only be used for cooking. When you put your kitchen ingredients on your face, you are going to clog your pores and get scared of NATURAL SKINCARE. Natural ingredients used in making skincare should be Raw, Unprocessed, and strictly used only for formulating products. Honestly, it’s not just about the ingredients, it’s also about the SOURCE! Sourcing makes all the difference. For example, when you eat fresh vegetables straight from the farm and not a few days old veggies sitting covered in plastic from some super market, you will notice the difference in your health in a few weeks, months, or years. It will show on your face, in your health charts, and your everyday performance. Same thing when you use cheap diluted “Natural” ingredients compared to natural pure ingredients that are sourced directly from the farms. Pure Raw ingredients are full of life, never tampered with, so their properties have so much to offer. Your skin will tell you the difference, it will be right there for you to see it 🙂 

Not many brands feel comfortable talking on this subject because they are BIG, they buy their ingredients in massive bulk from suppliers, and have no clue about the source. Not many small home-grown brands like to talk about this because to source each ingredient directly from its source it may take many months, and sometimes the ingredients are harvested just once a year and cost 3 times as much, and so they are not ready or prepared for these kind of commitments. 

I started sharing all this information with you all because the term “high quality” is not definable. It’s used over and over again for marketing. For us at YBP, quality is our religion and it’s no joke! We may take a year to make one product but it will be as good as it should be, as good as it can be, and we take great pride in that 🙂

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