The Difference Between Skin Care & Skin Health:

Written by Payal Thaker

I often hear people say, “I follow a good skincare routine, I use all the expensive skin care brands, and yet my skin looks BAD and has so many problems. Pls Help!”

Now here is where we all need to come together once and for all and understand that “Skin Care” is different than your “Skin Health”. All the products you apply on your skin, the monthly facials you take, any cosmetic treatments you undergo, are all part of your skin care routine and plays a very, very, Very Big role in how your skin will look and feel down the weeks, months, and years. Skin Care is a MUST for protecting skin from all the outside barriers, for providing nourishment, and keeping it moisturized and hydrated. Most people are aware of these steps.  But unfortunately, all this is just not enough for maintaining your Skin’s Health…Your Skin Health depends on what’s going on inside your body. For example, if you have hormonal imbalance, your skin will immediately start to breakout around your chin area with deep acne that stays for months. If you have a leaky gut, then lots of redness and inflammation will show up on your cheeks and forehead. Similarly if your lymphatic drainage is stagnate, and if your lymph nodes are accumulating lots of toxins and fluids, then again you will see it on your skin in the form of premature aging, puffiness, dullness, discoloration, and swelling. 

There are 100s of different reasons why our skin behaves in a certain way. Adding extra products and harsh drying chemicals may cure the problem TEMPORARILY (with consequences to follow),  and not solve the problem from its roots. It will keep coming back…So, next time instead of getting paranoid, when your skin starts to misbehave, I want you to just drop everything and calm down. Ask yourself how your “Skin Health” is doing? What’s triggering your skin condition, and how could you resolve it? Does it look like a problem that can be fixed from the outside? Or is it something that needs fixing from the inside?…And this will change everything! 

Answers are always there only if you think differently and more intuitively. 

Always follow a simple and effective Skin Care Routine by keeping your skin Moisturized, Hydrated, Protected…and you will age gracefully and look youthful. But don’t forget to follow everything else that’s also required for maintaining Skin Health, because otherwise you’ll always be busy looking for cures to your skin problems instead of maintaining your beautiful skin.

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  1. Shloka P says:

    You mentioned here about lymph nodes not draining toxins and wastes adequately and therefore dullness of skin.Could you please provide a solution for it?like what sort of dietary changes or external stimulation required for better drainage.Thanks

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