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Written by Payal Thaker

Hello my #AgingBackwards Team! 

So, before I sat down to write this post, I first went back and read all the previous blog posts I had written last year and before that, including the one with the Gua Sha. After my Gua Sha blog post, I started receiving plenty of messages and requests asking for where one can buy the original Gua Sha tools… 

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Why I launched my Gua Sha 

This is where I felt a little helpless because I really didn’t know the right place to suggest you or anyone to buy their Gua Sha tools. I have said it before many times that for me Gua Sha is like YOGA or AYURVEDA,  I don’t treat it like some fancy instagram beauty tool. It’s a ritual and it goes back 100’s of years and has its sentiments attached with Chinese culture. 

I then decided to bring my own Gua Sha stones, made from 100% Real Authentic Crystals, with the intention of helping anyone who is looking into practicing Facial Gua Sha, and wants to have their own 100% real and authentic Gua Sha stones.

Facial Gua Sha is slightly different than Body Gua Sha…

Body Gua Sha is actually the real traditional Gua Sha. Gua Sha in general is a treatment originating from Traditional Chinese Medicine. A tool is used to scrape the skin in long strokes with firm pressure, creating minor bruising…This is known as “petechia” or “sha”.

Traditionally, “practitioners believe that scraping the skin releases the illness from blood and chi stagnation within the problem areas (tired, sore, stiff muscles) to stimulate new oxygenated blood flow to the areas, thus promoting cell repair, healing and recovery”. 

Makes sense, so just by understanding the process, a relatively knowledgeable person can intuitively see that it promotes lymphatic drainage, and circulation.

“Chi is energy that flows through the body. People believe that a person’s chi must be balanced and flowing freely to ensure their health and wellbeing. When the chi is blocked, one might experience pain or tension in the muscles and joints and Gua Sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve aches or stiffness” explains Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner – Sandra Lanshin.

Now, Facial Gua Sha shares the same principle but the technique is different, with short and long strokes, and a gentler pressure level to avoid inflammation and any kind of congestion. 



Facial Gua Sha helps with:

Brighter complexion


De-puffing under eyes and overall face

Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Enhancing blood circulation.

Increasing metabolic system.

Fading Acne scars and Dark Circles.

How? Why?

Scraping the meridian channels ensures no blockages and obstruction of chi/blood flow.

Brings blood and carry oxygen to the area of the skin that has been deprived, so the tissues can be nourished.

Lymph is drained and blood is circulated, which leads to a brighter, healthier, and smoother complexion.

Is there a difference between the shapes, stones, sizes?

There are many different Gua Sha tools in the market, and it’s very much a personal choice if you choose one made out of stone, jade, amethyst, rose quartz. As long as it’s smooth and has different shapes that fit the contour of your face and help drains out the lymph, you can use it for Gua Sha. It’s the technique that makes a difference, not only the tools. Generally speaking, you need a smaller tool for smaller areas and a bigger tool for bigger areas.

YBP GUA SHA Shapes, and why we chose them.

With so many different shapes and sizes available for Gua Sha stones, my goal was pretty simple:

A. Find something that works great for beginners 

B. Find at least one shape that works for Acne skin and targeting smaller areas

YBP Amethyst Gua Sha: 

YBP Amethyst Gua Sha is this beautiful traditional Gua Sha shape that works great for targeting overall facial skin, I highly recommend this one to those who don’t get acne and have pretty much clear skin. As the stone lays flat on the skin and the movements are great to go all over your face with long and short strokes, this one is suitable for dry, aging skin, fine lines, and for de-puffing overall.  This also works great to contour the jawline and takes care of any sagginess you’re facing on the skin. Excellent for Dull, Dry, Tired looking skin. 

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YBP Rose Quartz: 

I personally have acne prone and sensitive skin, so I can’t generally use Amethyst on my face freely because it’s hard to avoid inflamed and acne areas when the stone is flat and big. Our Rose Quartz Sculpting Spoon is GENIUS!! It’s so easy to work with it on acne, inflamed skin. The long side of the spoon is perfect for targeting small areas and avoiding the areas you have breakouts. Use it everyday, and for sure you will notice that your acne has reduced. And you would be draining so many toxins from your skin with this beautiful Gua Sha. 

Great for Acne, Discoloration, Migraines, Inflammation, Dark Circles, and Allergies.

End of the day, just remember that both the Gua Sha Stones do the same thing and the only differences are the type of the stone and the shape. One may work better than the other depending on your skin issues. It’s a very personal choice and one must reach out for the one they are most drawn towards  🙂 

Taking Care of your Gua Sha Stones:

The tool needs oil and touches your skin. You would want to avoid bacteria and dirt build up on the tool. Especially if using with more than one person. I wash my Gua Sha before and after using.

For home, definitely give it a wash with soap and clean water to wash off any oil and/or cream, dry it, and store in the cloth bag it comes with…

Xoxo – Payal

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  1. Hina says:

    Dear payal i wanted to know whether this shoul be the last step of our skincare ritual. I mean should i use my serum and eye cream after guasha or should i use them before it

  2. Arathy Krish says:

    Love you loads Payal… U look freaking amazing & u r the most adorable & cutest… Getting positive vibes when i see your videos & posts… xoxo ????❤???? Hatsoff to U for being a great inspiration to many of us & for the fabulous job that u have taken up… ???? I wish & pray that U reach rocketing heights in ur career & achieve watever ur heart wishes for… ❤❤❤ I ordered the rose quartz gua sha yesterday & am eagerly waiting to use it & let u know my feed back angel… Loads of love to Youuuu payal…. ???? Bear Hugssss….
    Arathy Krish

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