At YBP, all of our products are formulated keeping all the stages of motherhood as a priority. We do not formulate products that are unsafe to use during Pregnancy.



Cleansing & Exfoliating, but with a delicate blend of In-house Rich Botanicals and Lactic Acid.
Lactic Acid is one of the few exfoliating acids that is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, hence we were extremely confident to add this important ingredient to our list.
During pregnancy, hormones cause havoc on the skin, and to prevent inflammation from spreading, and to prepare the skin for receiving all the goodness of Serums, Salves and Oils, it is important to follow a good cleansing regimen.
Massage a small amount of Exfoliating Cleanser onto wet skin and continue massaging, focusing on the areas of congestion and inflammation. Make sure to let the product sit on the skin for at least 15-30 seconds to help dissolve all the impurities from the pores. 
Using either one of our Bestselling Toners: Hydrating Serum Mist (for dry/dehydrated/sensitive skin) or Barrier Repair Tonic (for oily/acne-prone skin)…your skin will get the most benefit from hydration, which is extremely crucial during this delicate period in your life.
During pregnancy, all skin types go through stagnation, puffiness and excessive fluids. To make space for good nutrients and to release all the stuck excess fluids, it’s highly recommended to massage your moist wet skin with nutrient-dense Oils/Salves.
Spritz one of these toners multiple times a day, and follow with the rest of your products.





Product: Pure Argan
Take a few drops of our Pure Argan and massage onto damp skin. Fatty Acids and Antioxidants from Pure Argan Oil can actually prevent scarring and hyper-pigmentation from leaving a permanent mark on your skin.
Bonus Tip: Treat your stretching belly, sore nipples, any areas of discomfort or irritation with Pure Argan or Calendula Healing Salve throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.
Starting from the first few weeks of pregnancy, the skin lives in a state of constant fluctuation, and then the next few years riding on the constant waves of hormones and heightened stress levels.
Skin Salve is a deep nourishing moisture treatment for skin that restores hydration, promotes healthy skin cells and protects skin from sensitivities and premature signs of aging and dullness. Use a big scoop of Skin Salve on damp skin right after hydration, while skin is still moist and damp. Massage in circular motions, moving through all the lymphatic pressure points to encourage healthy lymph flow and blood circulation.
Bonus Tip: Use Skin Salve on the back of your ears and wrist pressure points to help with nausea and anxiety.