Using Heat to Reconnect with your Skin

“My skin gets warm and pink when I use the Vitamin C Face Mask, is this normal?” 🔥

Our Vitamin C Face Mask has earned its name and reputation by delivering extraordinary results from the very first use that only get better and better with time and consistency.

The fizzing, hyper-fresh, powder-to-mousse formula also gets a lot of attention for its heat and tingle. How much there IS, and sometimes, how much there ISN’T. 

It is normal to anticipate variation in how your skin feels the Vitamin C Face Mask’s power.

For some, there may be a slight tingle or itch as the invigorating treatment is smoothed over the skin. For others, you’ll feel nothing at all but just, soothing mud. And another group? They’ll be the ones in their bathrooms doing deep breathing as they nervously wonder how their warming skin will be after they rinse. 😀

Think of this in the same way as observing a table of individuals, each consuming a spicy meal. 

All will have a completely unique impression of the heat factor, with some reaching for a cool drink, and others craving even more spice. 

And whether you feel allll the heat or none at all (both 100% expected!)…this potent concoction of fresh-activated Vitamin C, from a plethora of healing herbs, is working in your skin’s favor.

Acne, Sensitivity, Rosacea, Dermatitis, Maturing Skin, Oiliness, Congestion – ALL OF IT is supported by this superhero.

This formula was one of my original go-to’s when I was still working on the blends for our clients during covid who never use Actives and Acids on their skin. I knew way back then that this needed to be in my forever collection, and it’s proven to be such a star for sooo many – and for a multitude of reasons.

When can you expect increased heat?

So many factors can influence your response from one treatment to another.

What other products are being used within your skincare ritual?

Suppose you use Actives (especially Retinols, Acids, and other Exfoliants). In that case, your skin may experience heightened sensation while not being contraindicated (depending on YOU, you might want to rotate days). 

What is happening in your environment?

If you’ve just been overexposed to heat, are on a beach vacation, or spend lots of time with heaters or a/c drying out your skin, it will let you know. Keep breathing. Keep listening. 

Are you in a hot bath? Did a glass of wine join you? Did a high dose of caffeine in the last week make your skin more dehydrated?

Anticipate warmth and pinking. It can get intense. It’s all intentional.

Let your treatments with the Vitamin C Face Mask be a light nudge to check in with yourself and to really feeeeeel what it’s like to be living in your skin. How is it presented on the surface? What’s the sensation underneath? What needs your attention and tending?

Tips to lean in with confidence with the Vitamin C Face Mask:

• Be with your skin and listen to your skin before any words from me.

• Extreme sensitivity? Damaged or injured skin? In an active Rosacea or Dermatitis flareup? Is something else going on that makes you nervous in your complexion? Simply skip the mask and keep your skincare basic, just with simple hot towel compresses & Salves.

• As your treatments with the Vitamin C Face Mask start to dry, any heat will begin to neutralize. Stay. It’s worth the wait. Don’t let the mask dry out, rehydrate multiple times, and then rinse while the mask is still wet and active.

• When complete, hop in the shower for both ease and efficacy! Don’t make a mess at your sink. Face into the cold running water, pressing wet hands over the skin to rehydrate and soften the mask before releasing all in the shower stream as you make small, soft circles with the pads of your fingertips to release dead cells.

• Finish your treatment with a final warm-to-cool water rinse before massaging a healthy dose of Hydrating Serum Mist followed by Calendula Healing Salve directly on your warm wet skin, skipping the towel entirely.

The Vitamin C Face Mask is profoundly impactful. An absolute game-changer. 

With so many exfoliants in the market, herbs get sidetracked, and I promise you this potent Mask works wonders when you keep using it for a mindful self-care moment with your own body.

Your skin will absorb products more effectively, and when your skin is properly unclogged, it gets smoother and softer.

If you haven’t met our Vitamin C Face Mask yet, this is your moment.

And if you’ve got a jar on your shelf that you’ve been intimidated by, GO return to your skin. Bring the power of this superstar with you.

Love & Light


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