Plant Remedy Skin Elixir vs Plant Remedy Skin Salve?

written by Payal Thaker

At least a few times a day we get this question asked on our social media DM.

So here’s a little breakdown for you to understand these two products and how you can incorporate them into your skincare routine…

Plant Remedy Skin Elixir:

A very light weight, quick absorbing Facial Elixir made with only Four different pure plant oils & extracts. We kept it very simple and minimal with this one, so you can easily wear this during daytime and it won’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin. ( make sure to apply it on damp skin )

With just four beautifully slow farmed ingredients, this Elixir is very potent for reducing redness, congestion, and calms skin by providing the nourishment it requires to seal in hydration and moisture. This transparent and light seal protects your delicate skin barrier from environmental stressors and pollution from entering your pores, and moreover it protects the moisture loss from your skin that happens over time when you are in a dry, polluted climate.

Think of Plant Remedy as a shield that protects your skin barrier with its rich anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties while providing skin nourishment all day through plant fatty acids and plenty of other nutrients.

Plant Remedy Skin Salve:

“Skin Salve has all the ingredients that Skin Elixir already has, so then why should I buy them both? Or what is the purpose of having Skin Salve in my routine?”

Other questions that we get asked often! 🙂

Think of Skin Salve as your ultimate nighttime nourishing potion. It’s made with so many beautiful slow farmed, fresh, potent ingredients that we are very proud of, and we spend many weeks preparing our in house extracts and the concoction of plant medicine that we call “Skin Salve”.

Salves in general are made with many potent ingredients that help strengthen your skin barrier, heal wounds, dark spots, and pigmentation as it seeps deeper into the skin, providing your skin with a thick layer of cover that encourages the skin’s microbiome to thrive and get healthier.

While using Skin Salve it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

1. You have to use it on its own without layering it with any other actives, moisturizer or facial oils, because IT’S ENOUGH on its own, and already has all the Plant Actives which will be able to do their thing if you don’t disrupt it by adding too many other things together.

2. Always use it on damp skin because hydration will help skin salve seep deeper into the skin and nourish each skin cell abundantly.

3. Use just a pea size amount, and if you are new to Whole Plant Actives then remember your skin may take a little while to adjust, so use it only twice a week for the first week, and later you can enjoy it every night.

Think of Skin Salve as something that you need to build your skin’s microbiome and make it stronger so you can age gracefully and beautifully. Using this potion night after night, weeks after weeks, and months after months will support your skin health abundantly and provide so much nourishment with so much love.

For Oily / Acne / Sensitive / Inflamed Skin: While using them both together, we suggest you go for Plant Remedy Skin Elixir. Use 2-3 drops twice a day on damp skin after gently spraying your face with your fav mist or cold drinking water. You can also use Plant Remedy Skin Elixir as a last step of your skincare routine to seal in all the moisture and hydration.

( You can use this Elixir along with chemical exfoliants, sunscreens, moisturizers, acids and other products if you like )

For Cystic / Hormonal acne: We recommend Plant Remedy Skin Salve, and use it only twice a week on completely damp skin by gently massaging. This will encourage new skin cells and help skin to recover from pigmentation and a weak skin barrier.

For Dry / Combination / Normal Skin: For daytime, we suggest you use either our Pure Argan or Skin Elixir, depending on your preference. They both will work great. You can wear it under your sunscreen and enjoy beautiful dewy skin all day. For nighttime, you can use Skin Salve alternate nights in the first week, and then use it every night for skin cell renewal, for increasing hydration, and for full skin nourishment. It will protect skin from sagging, fine lines and dullness.

Truly hope this post will help you pick the products according to your skin conditions and skin type. Please remember, everyone’s skin is different and reacts to products differently. We don’t promote treating symptoms, but supporting skin health. Our products are made for those who believe in the power of plant medicine, and treating skin with love and kindness.

Thank you for reading! XO – Payal

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  1. Sufaija.V says:

    Hello Payal,
    Thanks for the write-up. Please note that i am having a combination-dry skin. I use chemical exfoliants twice a week. My question is, I am having Estee Lauder ANR and the current skin care routine of mine is as: cleanser, toner, Vit C serum, ANR and last step is YBP SS. can you please let me know if i need to make any amendments towards the routine? Awaiting your response,

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