When skin feels sluggish and dull, it’s time to wake up your skin with effective Exfoliation, and nudge the Lymphatic System to rebuild a soft even-toned texture and healthy skin surface.



Use this gentle Lactic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser twice a day to not only reduce texture and congestion, but to rebuild the skin’s barrier so it can improve quicker and faster. 
Take a dime-sized amount of Exfoliating Cleanser and massage onto wet skin. Continue massaging for 10-15 seconds to ensure the product is getting into the pores and cleansing thoroughly, which will then prevent pores from getting congested and inflamed.
Measure 1 teaspoon of Vitamin C Face Mask and blend it with a few drops of water to form a smooth texture. Let it steep for a few minutes and then generously apply a thin layer all over your face, neck, taking it all the way down to your chest. Leave it for a few minutes and don’t let the mask dry out on your skin. Rehydrate 2-3 times again with a spray of water or our Hydrating Serum Mist.
To wash off, make your face wet and gently massage using your fingers. Once the grains have been washed off, continue splashing water until your skin is clean, smooth and soft. 
Pat and push this Tonic into the pores to ensure proper skin pH, hydration, and reduced skin irritation. With wet hands, continue patting until your skin soaks it all in.





This high in antioxidant Waterless Serum is not only super effective in healing acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots, but it also helps in achieving clearer, brighter skin complexion by removing dead skin cells and accelerating new skin cell turnover. Massage 5-6 drops onto slightly damp skin right after using Barrier Repair Tonic. Always take an extra drop to massage on your Lips, Under-eyes and Mouth to prevent discoloration and uneven skin tone.