Basics of Natural Skincare

      Basics of natural skincare

I’m a skin care addict! And i am not ashamed to confess that my entire life has been focused on how my skin looks and feel. It’s ironic, that the more money i would spend on skin care and expensive treatments the worse my skin would start to look and feel. It’s extremely frustrating growing up with bad skin while your friends and cousins are blessed with naturally good skin. I  was talented, smart, funny with not so bad facial features, but somehow my bad skin used to become a topic of discussion at every family dinner, at every friend’s party, and suddenly nobody cared if i were smart or funny but always reminded me how bad my skin looks.( like i don’t see it myself). Oh! And let’s not even talk about how those pretty but dumb girls with good skin used to lecture me on how I should be looking after my hygiene ( cos that’s what they thought my acne was from.. dumb, Told you!)   or I will never find a boyfriend or a husband. Ugghhh! thinking about it gives me chills.

Some of you might say “ Payal, why so shallow?

You should be confident in your skin, don’t bother what people say or think”  But you can’t really explain that shit to a desperate, rebellious not to forget, really impatient ( SMART!)  16 yr old teenage girl who won’t give up that easily.. Lol

And that’s when I became so vulnerable and fell for every treatment out there, every brand claiming to give me that glass like Asian girl’s skin became my obsession.

I really wish growing up i had someone like me (present me) to tell me to stop taking antibiotics, stop going through chemical peelings, and moreover stop falling for false marketing. Don’t get me wrong, Skin-care is very essential, skin-care products are very important, but to choose them wisely and not falling for every “too good to be true treatments” would have saved me a ton of time, money and relationships. 😛

Taking care of your skin should be simple, easy, and accessible; that’s why it’s my goal to help you begin your journey with  natural/easy skincare. You really don’t need such strong chemicals, exfoliators, 500 products, and 2000 steps to maintain a good skin-care. If  you have good skin, your makeup will look so much better, and you will not use your makeup to cover your face but to enhance your facial features. It’s really not about the $200 serum or the 10-step K beauty routine (unless that’s your thing). If you just want to take the best possible care of your skin without having to think about it too much, here’s where to start.


  1. Manuka Honey

Use as: a daily cleanser, weekly mask, or spot treatment as needed

Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that’s only to be produced in  New Zealand. It comes from bees that feed on Manuka bushes, and has been used for centuries to treat infections, restore tissue damage, and soothe irritation. This stuff is truly incredible: Manuka honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help fight and soothe nearly any skin condition, especially acne and fungal acne, thanks to something called methylglyoxal; Manuka helps rebalancing the healthy bacteria on your skin and prevents acne-causing bacteria from regenerating; and it actually absorbs moisture from the air and draws it into the skin, leaving you super-hydrated and glow-y.When sold, Manuka honey is given something called a Bio-Active Rating, which essentially determines the level of methylglyoxal in the honey–AKA, it determines how potent the Manuka will be in treating inflammation and bacteria. Look for a jar with a rating of 20 or above, guaranteeing that it’s powerful enough to tackle all your skin’s problems. I prefer ManukaDoctor 24+

How to use: Of course, you can ingest Manuka honey–but it’s more useful slathered on your skin than on a piece of toast. Manuka honey is a gentle cleanser (just mix it with some warm water, massage onto skin, and rinse off), face mask (use it on its own or mix with yogurt, or rose water and leave on for 20 minutes), and spot treatment (dab a bit on active pimples and chill).

2.Oregano and Garlic: If you are suffering from acne, yeast infection,or any possible skin condition, stop everything that your doctor has given you! i know i would be the first person to say this out loud on internet that stop your medications, but really, antibiotics that your doctor has put you on is going to kill your gut and ruin your immune system for good. Please stop taking them!! I have talked about the importance of taking garlic and oregano in my previous post and i will tell you again.

Both garlic and oregano have been shown to improve acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, fungal skin issues, and more. If you’re wondering why your dermatologist hasn’t brought these guys to your attention, their price tags might give you a clue (um, they’re basically free).

After 10 days of consuming garlic or swallowing down oregano (or both!), you should see a difference. Honestly, I noticed the effects of the oregano oil within days. (Note that oregano oil is highly antimicrobial, so you shouldn’t take it more than 10-15 days in a row. For long-term use, take it 10 days out of every month.)

Garlic and Oregano supplements

  • Jojoba Oil / Argan Oil
  • Use as: an oil cleanser, a moisturizer, or an overnight face oil

    These are pretty much made for your skin. Basically, if your skin is dry or oily, these miracle oils will help get you back on track. On top of that, it is filled with Vitamins B and E (both essential to skin health), protects the skin from free radicals (like pollution and sun exposure), and slows the signs of aging. If you have an active breakout, these are great oils to reach for: known to speed up the healing process and prevent the growth of new bacteria.

    How to use:  There are three main ways to use Argan and Jojoba Oil: as a cleanser, as a moisturizer, or as an overnight oil. To cleanse with jojoba, warm a few drops between your fingertips and massage onto your skin (it will remove makeup, as well). Then, use a cotton pad to wipe off the excess oil, and follow with a gentle cleanser like Manuka honey. To moisturize, pat a few drops onto the skin after cleansing and toning. To use as an overnight oil, slather a healthy amount onto your clean damp skin after the rest of your routine, and let it sink in while you sleep. Next: wake up Glowing


    1. Tea Tree Oil: If there is one thing that i have consistently used in my skin-care journey then it has to be Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties that dry up inflamed areas (pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts), disinfect pores, and actually unblock the sebaceous glands. If you’re thinking, Wait! My skin is already really dry!, it’s totally OK. Tea tree strips excess oils, not moisture, so it’s still a must-have for all skin types.

    This powerful oil is also an age-old topical remedy for acne, rosacea, and even psoriasis. Plus, just smelling it has been said to help with depression. So, basically, if you’re a human with skin and feelings, tea tree oil is probably a good product to include into your routine.

    How to use:

    Tea Tree Oil should always be diluted before you apply it to your skin–never put straight-up tea tree oil on your face! It works best when diluted in water (3 – 4 drops of tea tree oil to 4 ounces of water) and used as a toner. My favorite way to do this is to mix up the tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle and spritz my face after cleansing, letting it sink into the skin before moisturizing.

    NOTE: Essential oils can be irritating for some (although I’ve found tea tree to be a skin superhero). Do a patch test on your arm or wrist before using tea tree on your face.

  • Rose Water
  • Use as: a cleanser, a toner, or a face mist

    Rose water is as basic as beauty gets. This two-ingredient (you guessed it: roses and water) has been used in skincare treatments since Cleopatra’s time–and for good reason. Rose water using it topically brings irritated skin back into balance. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory; meaning it can reduce redness, puffiness, and irritation, calm active outbreaks, and prevent future ones. It even prevents and treats scars, scrapes, burns, and infections. You can’t really go wrong with this guy here. Organic roses are one of my fav and safe skin care item to include in my personal beauty routine and therefore i had to add them to our formulation of ColorCreams. It took us a while to find a way to add Vitamin E oil and Real Rose Extracts to ColorCreams but i couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out to be!

    Rose water is super hydrating and safe for all skin types; It’s really hard to find mild ingredients that works for all. Even those of us with the most sensitive skin (hi!) can handle a soothing rose water spray. AND, studies have shown that  the scent of roses can reduce anxiety and depression. Can our makeup or skincare do that? Yes pls!

    How to use: You can’t go wrong using rose water as a cleanser, toner, or face mist–but make sure you use good quality, pure rose water to add in your skin care and  not something that’s from Pa…i or Hi….a or it will never work, and chances are it might hurt your skin even more. Also, the pure rose water needs to be diluted before use. You can buy pre-formulated versions Or, you can make your own rose water remedy.

    Simmer organic rose petals in distilled water (just enough to cover them in the pot) for 30 minutes and strain out the petals; this is your “pure rose water.” Measure out how much you have, then add an equal amount of plain distilled water to create your safe-to-use rose water cleanser/toner/mist.

    ICE:  ICE THE SKIN! I can’t tell you enough how icing your skin can save your thousands of bucks you spend on treatments!

    You don’t have to directly put ice on the face but wrap it up in a soft cloth or paper towel to help you massage it without numbing yourself. I can’t tell you how often I repeat this and tell everyone who asks me to help them with their skin, and most people often act like this is news to them when I say it for the millionth time. I’ve been screaming this statement “ ICE YOUR FACE”  since 2008, I say it to every single one of you when you send me messages, and ask for quick-fixes! THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL ACCEPT THAT SOMEONE HASN’T HEARD ME SAY THIS!

    Ice, which is basically free, is the key to reducing inflammation. We know this when it comes to sports injuries or sprained ankles…so why do we think we need anything else when our skin is inflamed? (FYI: breakouts, redness, puffiness, flakiness, eczema flare-ups and more are all signs of inflammation.)

    Not only does ice reduce inflammation, but it boosts circulation (making your skin look brighter) and tightens the skin (preventing wrinkles and fine lines).

    Suggested use:

    You really can’t overuse ice. It has short-term and long-term benefits, so go crazy. Follow with a spritz of rose water or a few drops of jojoba oil for extra hydration.

    Lactic Acid Mask aka Yogurt ( Dahi): Now, before you roll your eyes at me, listen! Don’t behave like a 16 year old me.

    In the last few years we all have learned that dairy is a main culprit for skin problems and many, many other health problems–that is, when ingested. However when applied on the skin, dairy (or more specifically, yogurt) is the exact opposite. While the west is still learning that yogurt (dahi) could be so essential for keeping your gut healthy, and skin glowing, we Indians seem to be forgetting our grandma’s old  recipe to beautiful, healthy glowy skin. We are busy running after Koreans to get their K-beauty down! It’s funny, humans never appreciate what they already know and have.

    Yogurt is full of lactic acid and probiotics–two ingredients that normally drive up the price of skincare products. But our grandmothers didn’t know these fancy words or else we won’t need to drop a lot of cash to get in this action; or maybe we would never take their advice seriously unless it came from the West or more i would say from ( Korea)

    Naturally-occurring lactic acid dissolves dead skin cells and works as a gentle exfoliator for the skin. In addition to making you look extra glow-y, lactic acid exfoliation also reduces the signs of aging (like wrinkles and fine lines), treats and prevents pimples, and brightens discoloration and scarring.

    Now about those probiotics: In India yogurt, buttermilk plays a big role in our everyday diet. It’s not a fancy person’s meal but it’s an essential food for us. I am sure back in the days our people were smarter than we are and knew what was essential and thank god included yogurt to our everyday meals.Yogurt deliver a dose of good bacteria (essential for skin health!) and help reduce inflammation. When you add in the fact that yogurt also has antibacterial properties, anti-fungal properties, and is insanely moisturizing, you have to wonder…Why aren’t more people putting yogurt on their faces or including in their diet for a healthy gut?\

    If you have been put on a course of antibiotics and if it’s a must for you to take them pls go ahead and include a tub of dahi to your everyday diet, they are naturally enriched with probiotics and help you keep your gut healthy.

    How to use Dahi for face: There’s no need to get fancy here–plain old everyday yogurt from your fridge makes an incredible one-ingredient face mask. Look for full-dairy yogurt with no harmful preservatives if buying it from outside. (no coconut yogurt or Greek yogurt here) to get all the benefits, slather it on your bare skin. Let it soak in for 20 minutes, then remove with a cotton pad and follow with a gentle cleanser.

    So go get yourself a tub of yogurt tonight and put on your fav movie!

    You can’t fight inflammation with unhealthy gut and bad eating habits so eliminate anything from your diet, lifestyle, and skincare routine that can lead to more inflammation and activity. Sometimes let your skin heal itself by backing off and getting some rest. Your skin is  probably asking you to not slather too many harmful, strong ingredients on your face but you are not listening to it. Your skin is only communicating what your whole body, mind, and spirit needs, so listen and don’t be a product junkie( like a 16 yr old Payal) Buy only what you absolutely need and don’t just blindly follow everything that’s out there. Give yourself a break and don’t take yourself and internet too seriously. You will be okay, your skin will work really hard to make sure you’re okay, and just be good to yourself.

    Of course, nature is full of magic  with wonderful healing ingredients–but these six are key.

    Thanks for reading and until next time, take care. xo – Payal


    THAT’S IT!

    43 thoughts on “Basics of Natural Skincare

    1. atolllmeert says:

      I love my MINIMAL SKINCARE routine so much that I bought every effing thing from them. Just to give a brief of my skincare routine right now detailed post will be up soon – I use a Facewash once in the afternoon , a hydrating toner and then YBP Plan Remedy Skin Elixir At night I use only water to clean my face, then the same hydrating toner, either YBP Plant Remedy Skin Elixir or YBP Plant Remedy Skin Salve twice a week , 10mins Gua Sha session and call it a night! THE GUA SHA is missing from the picture, forgot to incorporate it in here.

    2. Ankita says:

      Hi Payal,
      In your blog about Manuka Honey you had mentioned the Manuka Doctor 24+. I had bought the same and love using it whenever my skin feels dry and sensitive. Thanks a lot for all your suggestions that you have provided. One question: I tried searching the same honey again on Amazon and could not find it and there a lot of variants now where the “bio active” rating has gotten a tad bit murkier to decipher. Can you please suggest which Manuka Honey variation are you currently using?
      Thanks in advance.

    3. KkR says:

      Hi when will be your products like skin salve & skin elixir be in stock… have been checking but no luck.. in desperate need of plssssss.
      Cus I don’t want to switch to other products pls

    4. Shivani says:

      Hi Payal ,
      Loved your post and the way you have have described how to use products is really helpful.i want to buy manuka honey you have mentioned but looks like it’s out of stock .Can you suggest any other source where I can buy same product or you can suggest me some alternative brand for manuka honey .Waiting for your reply

    5. Saloni Gandhi says:

      Hi Payal,

      Absolutely love the post & your insight about the strenuous treatments. I have stopped lathering my skin with all the chemicals since 1 year. I had the same childhood as you. Skin with acne being the talk of the town, hereditary oily skin & never ending scars. To top it all, PCOD at 16, which was a shock as I was at the peak of my sports career. Tried all the chemicals treatments of the latest technology. The acne has reduced & the skin has become better with control over PCOD but the scars, occasional acne & the open pores are never ending. During normal days it’s fine but on occasional days when applied make-up (even of the best quality), it only amplifies the skin conditions. Please tell me what to do!

      • Payal Thaker says:

        So happy to hear that your acne is under control. Every skincare blog i have written so far i geared towards overall health and emphasizing more on the cause of the skin problems rather than the cure. If you really follow everything i am putting down in my blogs, i promise your skin will get better and you will not even need any medications. But again end of the day it all comes down to how carefully you read and follow everything i am writing. There is no one cream or treatment i could suggest to make your skin better, if there was it would be the first thing i would write. 🙂
        Try the 10 days skin detox and see how your skin reacts to it. For open pores there is nothing better than icing, which again i have already mentioned above. 🙂

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Hi Ruchi, These are the natural products that i swear by. You don’t have to use everything, you can use whatever works for you. My posts are not just for one person but for everyone, so if you think Jojoba is expensive for you, then you don’t invest in it. All these items are very potent and it will last really long! You can always buy refined or cheap jojoba oil but then it won’t really work like how it is supposed to work. 🙂

    6. Payal says:

      Hello dear i m ready to invest for manuka honey…no buyin it online ,will i get the product original?i mean buyin somethin i doubt especially wen it cmes to honey,dat it will be original one or not…

      • Payal Thaker says:

        The links that i have mentioned is where i would get my stuff. It’s just a suggestion but if you don’t trust the source and if you want to get it from somewhere else it’s totally okay.

    7. Rinshikha says:

      Payal , the amazon links you mentioned below every para , all those are authentic products right ? I want to buy them all , so I want to be sure if it’s the right place to purchase them all .

      • Payal Thaker says:

        These are the brands that i personally use and it works great for me! i can’t really guarantee about them 100% but it’s one of the best that i found for myself.

    8. Praneetha says:

      That was a very interesting read.. I usually do prefer natural treatments and this was very good information… I have started experiencing breakouts last 1.5 yes all of a sudden and have tried many things…. Your blog posts have come at such a right timing… Thanks a lot ❤️❤️❤️

    9. Priyanka Kadam says:

      Hi Payal,
      Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I can relate to your story, I don’t remember if I have ever seen my clear skim. I have tried everything but everything was temporary. I’m really looking forward to follow your skin care routine. I have one question I have acne on my neck, back and shoulders is this applicable for those areas as well?

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Everything i write in my posts works for entire body, it’s not just for one specific area but it all works together to help you heal from within and benefit in long-term. For your back and neck acne, add 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to your shower gel/shampoo and bathe with it for a month. You will start seeing results in a few days. However for permanent results i would highly encourage to take supplements and follow the above routine. xo

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Darling, all the above mentioned things are geared towards healthy skin and healthy lifestyle. There is no one product i could suggest that will heal your textured skin. Unfortunately Nature doesn’t work like that. You will have to take supplements, detox your gut, and follow the above mentioned steps and you will definitely see the results if you are consistent.

    10. Ankita says:

      Thanks a lot Payal and your blogs are really helpful! Needed to ask one thing though, manuka honey, jojoba and other things you mentioned are quite expensive, can even using just manuka honey religiously help?
      I am 27 YO and I have really problematic skin where my acne leaves bad, dark spots behind ????

    11. Sonal jain says:

      Just 1 simple question iv been using ice cubes directly on my face since few days actually so is it d correct way i mean direct contact is ok or a cloth is must? ..nd once again ????????????????????????????????

      • Payal Thaker says:

        You don’t want to numb your skin by rubbing ice cube directly on your face, it can cause the delicate capillary under your skin to break. Make sure you use it wrapped in a cloth or a tissue paper. x

      • Payal Thaker says:

        I’m sorry love, but Manuka honey in this case is the key for the above mentioned reasons. Believe me it’s an investment you will not regret! Also, it will last so much longer if you are carefully only going to use it for your skin care. It’s a must!! xo

    12. Hemangi says:

      Payal , as usual your blogs are so simple and yet informative and with big No to huge paramounted rocket science of the skin. Thanks for sharing and I wanted to ask u that I am nearing 40 and can you pls let me know the skin product which I should use in my daily routine to avoid pimples as I have a good skin added on with few acnes every month . Would love to hear from you soon

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Thank you, i am happy to help! honestly, if you follow everything that’s mentioned in this article, you will l notice a big change in your skin, hair and over all health. It’s really the easiest and the most effective skin care guide one can follow. However if you really want me to suggest a couple of products then i would say definitely include weekly face masking with manuka honey and massaging your face every night with jojoba oil. Long term benefits from these two guys are unimaginable. x

        • Hemangi says:

          Thanks for your prompt revert . One last question to add on – I have once a day for women multivitamin – is that ok to consume …one small request ,I have been following you since last three years and your advices have been really useful for me . I would request you to club your earlier videos (from )on skin care and your daily routine to avoid acne like green tea ice cubes ,also on this blog so that people like me can follow it and help them certainly for getting clear skin .

    13. Mousam B. Mehta says:

      How does coconut oil work for skin. I have fry skin and I prefer leaving it over night on the face after cleansing. I dont know if it’s the right thing to do.

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Cocconut oil is a miraculous oil but unfortunately it can clog your pores. If you break out easily then you can’t leave coconut oil on your face overnight. I prefer mixing coconut oil with other essential oils or using it to cleanse my face every night. I never buy makeup removers, it’s always easier removing makeup with coconut oil.

        • Mousam B Mehta says:

          I have dry skin. Doesn’t breakout easily but I get these small white heads kinda thing. I guess they are due to clogged pores. Will be careful to mix coconut oil with something before applying it. Thanks for the speedy reply 🙂

    14. Shreya says:

      I really needed to read this. I am 25 but still behave and feel exactly what 16YO Payal did. A week back, I applied neem oil in desperation to get rid of acne scars & kept it overnight. Having the Uber sensitivite skin that i have, It caused a major allergic reaction & I had to use steroids to get rid of that reaction. I am grateful that ai read this & the importance of patience with skin care. ❤️

      • Payal Thaker says:

        Aw! i totally feel you! try using tea tree oil for quick healing. Make sure you use a good source to buy your tea tree oil and make sure to dilute it before applying it on your face. xo

      • Payal Thaker says:

        I can’t really tell you one product that will work that way but if you take care of your skin with above mentioned routine and include lots of leafy vegetables your skin will heal quickly. You can include vitamin c serum and apply on your face everyday but make sure you wear your sunscreen otherwise Vitamin C serum will cause redness and sensitivity.

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